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Mobiles Made Easy – The Perfect Solution For Independent Living

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For many people, Christmas is one of the few times a year when we can truly unwind, relax and spend quality time with our family. However, in some cases, taking a step back and relaxing may lead us to notice things about our ageing relatives that are not usually so obvious. It may only be when you take the time to get away from a hectic work schedule and the everyday hustle and bustle that it becomes clear to you that a parent, grandparent or other ageing family member or friend is struggling to manage certain tasks.

Understandably, if you do notice that a relative is having trouble performing certain jobs or tasks, you will be concerned and want to seek some kind of help.

The solution to your needs can come in many forms. Often one of the best places to find out what help is available is a local charity. Charitable organisations can provide a number of services for those in need, from simply visiting and providing some company for lonely older people, to providing 24 hour support, to many things in between.

Simple smart phones are a service that helps individuals to continue to live independently in the way that they would wish to, by means of a range of specially designed products and technology. The purpose of them is to promote independent living, peace of mind, confidence and security not only for individuals in need of special care, but also their relatives or close friends and carers.

Deskphones and alarms – If you are worried about a loved one not being able to reach the phone to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency, a deskphone connected to an emergency button on a remote alarm which can be worn round the wrist could be just the answer. By pressing this button, a text message is automatically sent to you, a close neighbour or a carer to alert them of any accident or emergency. The deskphone can also be linked to an alarm kit, featuring a wireless smoke and fire detector. In the case that a fire or smoke sensor is activated, as well as raising an alarm inside the property, the deskphone will also call registered contacts to alert them, whether that be you, a neighbour or carer.

Thermotxt and Envirotxt –Envirotxt helps to avoid situations where loved ones are sitting in the cold – or in a room that is too hot. The envirotxt monitors the room temperature and sends an alert should there be a concern based upon a pre-set range of acceptable temperatures. The Thermotxt works similarly but in addition to sending an alarm should a power outage occur, the system can also turn a heat source on or off should the temperature be outside of pre-set limits.

Lifeguard – This is an all-in-one alarm control panel that combines a medical alarm, burglar alarm, fire and gas leakage alarm, as well as being a remote monitor, the panic button acts as a remote control enabling users to accept and have hands-free calls. Whilst this product covers a lot of important functions, it is designed to be simple and easy to use.

Specialist mobile phone devices – for one reason or another many people struggle to use modern mobile phones. This can mean they lose contact with family or friends and sometimes fail to alert you or the correct authorities should there be an emergency. Specialist mobile devices are designed to work as a normal touchscreen mobile phone, but complete with big buttons and an SOS emergency button. More advanced models can also determine the exact location of an emergency call, so help can arrive without any delay. These phones are not just for raising alarm – but can also send and receive photos from family or just to keep in touch by with a call; the mobile phone can be a great source of comfort and security.