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An Introduction To Mobiles Made Easy

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As an ethical business it is important that we work with other like-minded organisations and projects to reach our end goals of offering value for money whilst raising money for our partner charities. One such project that we are involved in is Mobiles Made Easy (MME) – a project which brings together voluntary and informal services to address the issues of remote caring of the ageing population.

The MME  initiative enables individuals to continue living in the way that they wish and provides their families and carers with the peace of mind that their loved ones are safe. Through use of the cloud infrastructure and mobile devices, individuals can maintain contact and support their relatives even from great distances.

MME will alleviate the stress and worry that loved ones may not be safe, by allowing them to be in subliminal contact and have the reassurance that ‘all is well’ on their Smartphone as opposed to dreading each call and what it may contain. This service will not just be used for an ageing population but also those with disabilities or mental health needs.

The MME ecommerce website will be designed in conjunction with advant~age, which will allow relatives and carers to choose the products they need to help keep their loved ones at home. These GSM mobile compatible products will communicate with MME – allowing telecare products to be interconnected to make the care package more immediately deployable. Both relatives and healthcare professionals will be able to use these products to stay virtually in touch with those they care for, even from a distance.

This is a really exciting and innovative project to be involved in and we look forward to updating you as it progresses. We will be working on this project for two years and would really welcome your thoughts so please do get in touch to find out more.

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